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E-mail news updates, 2008-

Listings below are marked that include video or deal with Gardens & Green  


2-28-14 UNCC students compete at a Social Entrepreneurship Conference in N.C. A&T in Greensboro.

2-27-14 Friendship Trays staff mark webmaster Steve Johnston's Friday retirement with a video.

2-6-14 The Feinstein Challenge offers a small match for donations to Friendship Trays during March and April.

1-30-14 Sarah Batista's report on the Green Teacher Network for PBS Charlotte.

1-30-14 Deliveries resume after Wednesday's snow that closed Friendship Trays and suspended deliveries.

1-14-14 Meet Chardonaé Johnson, the student who leads the Garinger High School garden club partnering with Friendship Gardens.

1-8-14 Warming up – sort of.

1-7-14 Thanks to all our drivers out in the Arctic chill.

1-6-14 Sweets & Treats is Feb. 13.

1-6-14 One big cabbage emerges from the Myers Park Baptist Friendship Garden before the freeze.

1-2-14 Tongue firmly in cheek we offer some New Years Resolutions.


12-31-13 These Holiday Greetings banners ran on the front of this website during December 2013.

12-21-13 The Deal of the Day ran on the front of this website Nov. 3-Dec. 21 to offer prospective donors a sense of the program's needs.

12-19-21 Home Instead sponsors Be a Santa to a Senior that distributes gifts to Friendship Trays recipients.

12-13-13 Mecklenburg Young Republicans donate canned goods to their meals-on-wheels program.

12-11-13 Metro School sent in some edible art.

12-5-13 A note on IRA rollover charitable donations.

12-1-13 An appreciation of Gladys and John T. Massey, friends of Friendship Trays and longtime fans of Charlotte sports teams.

11-9-13 Women's Impact Fund marks 10th; Friendship Gardens featured in Observer story.

11-9-13 A Week to Fight Hunger brought United Way Young Leaders to Friendship Trays.

11-4-13 'Covenant Impacts Charlotte' brought church members to Friendship Trays.

10-25-13 Electrolux donation helps Friendship Trays recipient courtesy of collaboration by Crisis Assistance Ministry.

10-21-13 Tour de Turns donates more than $4,000 from the August cycling event.

10-18-13 A blogger with Meals on Wheels in America confronts the reality of poverty.

10-14-13 Thanks to volunteers who came out on a drizzly morning.

10-7-13 Greens from the Matthews United Methodist Friendship Garden arrive.

9-28-13 The 2013 Friendship Garden Party.

9-26-13 Megan Cullip, a Friendship Trays volunteer, is an Audrey Kell golfer with a future.

9-26-13 A feature on the Ardrey Kell High School Ladies Golf Team, which volunteered at Friendship Trays.

9-23-13 WCCB Charlotte features Friendship Gardens.

8-30-13 An update on Friendship Gardens' pursuit of a piece of land big enough for an urban farm.

8-29-13 Sibyl Durant, after nearly 15 years as a bulwark of the Friendship Trays kitchen, sets off on a new journey.

8-24-13 Tour De Turns is a bike event that raises money for hunger-fighting agenies.

8-23-13 Recipient helps feed others by donating extra produce from her backyard garden.

8-22-13 Young volunteers hit the sidewalks to deliver Friendship Trays.

8-13-13 Your neighbors' food needs: Let us know.

8-9-13 Recipient writes about Friendship Trays.

8-7-13 Gleaners from the Society of St. Andrew help put fresh produce into trays within a day.

7-15-13 Elevation brings Love Week to Friendship Trays.

7-13-13 Volunteers needed on the 13th of the 13 year.

7-11-13 Rain brings out the mushroooms that look like sand dollars.

7-8-13 May your garden thrive!

7-5-13 Stung by a variety of small challenges, Friday, we're looking forward to a serene July 8.

6-29-13 Fourth of July announcement of delivery schedule and closing.

6-11-13 Albemarle Road Elementary students' cabbages will help feed recipients.

6-8-13 Summer camp, scheduled for July 9-12, was cancelled June 25 due to low projected enrollment.

6-7-13 Harris Y's Volunteer Campers meet Friendship Trays' longest-serving volunteer – co-founder Ann Elliot.

6-7-13 Transition With Care holds a food drive benefitting Friendship Trays.

5-26-13 Plant a sunflower as part of the Field for Hope campaign.

5-22-13 Memorial Day 2013.

4-26-13 Barbara Bachmeyer and Ellie Fagan continue a 30-year tradition of creating favors for Friendship Trays recipients.

4-10-13 Tax time: A note of thanks to our donors.

4-8-13 Mayors and other officials help mark March for Meals. 

3-28-13 A recipient comments on Friendship Trays.

3-22-13 Firestone donates to Friendship Trays to mark a grand opening.

3-22-13 News14 covers return of the Friendship Gardens Mobile Market to the Charlotte Transit Center.

3-21-13 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2013. 

2-21-13 What's your forecast? An appeal for volunteers.

2-14-13 Turn over a new leaf and volunteer.

2-14-13 Happy Valentine's Day

2-12-13 Sweets and Treats 2013 

1-31-13 The Feinstein Challenge will bring matching money for donations during March and April.

1-28-13 A recipient comments about Friendship Trays.

1-26-13 Mary Katherine Vass, a volunteer driver for Myers Park Methodist's Route 23, is also an medalist swimmer.

1-24-13 Fireworks in the kitchen: A reminder of the Breakfast Tours.

1-9-13 Experience the mission of Friendship Trays.

1-7-13 We just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown during lunch hour.




12-31-12 The Online Holiday Giving Appeal in video format. The series ran from Nov. 23-Dec. 31 on the website's front page.

12-30-12 Observer's editorial page includes Garden Program Director Henry Owen in its "Thank You" feature.

12-28-12 Schoolchildren at Nathaniel Alexander Elementary School donate to Friendship Trays.

12-26-12 Young volunteer delivers a meal, gets back in vehicle, and declares, "More meals!"

12-26-12 Home Instead and Dilworth Coffee spearheaded "Be a Santa to a Senior" this year.

12-16-12 President Obama addresses a memorial service in Newtown, Connecticut.

11-30-12 Triptych Collective plans a performance inspired by the troupe's volunteer service in the Friendship Gardens.

11-28-12 Team RBC donates $500 to Friendship Trays.

11-26-12 #Giving Tuesday: A new way to open the year-end donation season.

11-15-12 Charlotte Magazine profiles Good Kitchen, the healthy-meals delivery firm operating out of the Friendship Trays kitchen.

11-13-12 BI-LO Charities presents Friendship Trays with $5,000.00 check from its 2012 Charity Classic golf tournament.

11-10-12 Edible Charlotte holds its first cooking class at Friendship Trays.

11-10-12 Service Juris Day at Friendship Trays

10-30-12 Our Halloween greeting, courtesy of the Charlotte Country Day School Card Collection.

10-18-12 Book Rack's October event supports area nonprofits, including Friendship Trays.

10-13-12 The Garden Party for 2012.

10-11-12 Check out Amy Wallas Fox's food blog, where she wrote about the 4th Annual Garden Party.

9-22-12 Mr. B comments on the difference Friendship Trays have made in his life.

8-27-12 Changes in N.C. sanitation rules will apply to volunteers packaging meals in the Friendship Trays kitchen.

8-23-12 Friendship Gardens To Go launch brings out city officials to mark a legacy project of the Democratic National Convention.

8-15-12 Fox Charlotte interviews the principals in Good Kitchen Gourmet Mobile Gourmet.

8-15-12 Help control costs: Bring a cooler when you deliver a Friendship Trays route.

8-15-12 Help needed during DNC week.

8-11-12 Cyclists at the Tour de Turns event raise more than $4,000 for hunger agencies.

8-6-12 Congratulations to Clara Herran, who has been working while completing a CPCC education.

8-1-12 Marking a solar milestone: three uninterrupted months of electronic reporting of solar power generation.

7-18-12 A recipient comments about the difference Friendship Trays meals is making in his diet and health.

7-7-12 The Rule of 95 Degrees aims to keep meals safe during hot weather.

7-3-12 Sprint food drive will help us prepare "snow packs" for days when volunteer drivers can't get through to recipients.

6-29-12 Food storage containers needed to keep the kitchen running smoothly.

6-26-12   Fox Charlotte's Jon Wilson reports from the Friendship Garden at Little Sugar Creek.

6-21-12 Scenes from Garden to Table Camp 2012.

6-15-12 Drive a route: Let your life imitate art, or nature

6-13-12 Our welcome to Chiquita on the day the company stamped its Charlotte headquarters with its brand.

6-12-12 Former Friendship Trays intern Jacquie Morges is launching a new adventure.

6-11-12   Beehavior in the Demonstration Garden.

6-7-12 Trinity Episcopal School student gardeners roll in with a wagonload of potatoes from their garden.

6-1-12 The Country Day Card Collection has been distributed to recipients. But here are some samples of the children's artwork.

5-29-12 Good Kitchen Mobile Gourmet to use the Friendship Trays kitchen.

5-29-12 How the power of a plea, inspired by Friendship Trays volunteer Shari Cariker, helps get the meals out on a rough day.

5-11-12 Team Bank of America helps out in the Demonstration Garden.

5-3-12 Volunteers needed to help prepare produce from the Friendship Gardens for use in the kitchen.

4-23-12 Ten meals that make a difference.

4-19-12 Kindergartner navigates to keep volunteer drivers on right path.

4-12-12 An update on the solar panel facility at Friendship Trays.

4-6-12 An appeal for drivers to help on Easter Monday.

4-5-12 Chef Emilio classes return.

4-4-12 Local greens are going into meals for Friendship Trays and Grab & Go.

4-4-12 Recipient payments: A statistical look at the overall need for subsidy dollars.

3-31-12 News coverage of Friendship Trays' decision to end distribution of juice and milk with home-delivered meals.

3-31-12 New sign graces entrance to the Demonstration Garden.

3-22-12 Scenes from the 2012 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Volunteer Service Awards listed.

3-6-12 Henry Owen presents at Seed20Unleasehed and brings back grant dollars to sustain Friendship Gardens.

3-1-12 March's Weekday Videos of scenes from Friendship Trays and the Demonstration Garden.

2-29-12  Entire CIAA basketball teams volunteered at Friendship Trays during Tournament Week.

2-22-12 Recipient is now eating better.

2-20-12 WSOC-TV reports on how gas prices are affecting Friendship Trays.

2-16-12 A sampling of the Valentine's cards created by schoolchildren and sent out to recipients with their meals.

2-15-12 The Daisy Troop #1999 made, well, of course, daisy treats for Friendship Trays recipients.

2-11-12 Preparation for the spring begins with a load of dirt at Matthews Presbyterian Church.

2-9-12   Sweets & Treats 2012 is a fund-raiser for Friendship Trays.

2-7-12 TV report focuses on gasoline costs.

2-1-12 February's Weekday Videos of scenes from Friendship Trays and the Demonstration Garden.

1-28-12 Team Home Depot donates seedings for the Friendship Gardens.

1-18-12 Children send birthday greetings that will be distributed to Friendship Trays recipients.

1-13-12 MLK Day closing reminder.

1-9-12 An update on thesolar panel facility taken offline in October during a re-roofing project.

1-5-12 Representatives from Folger Buick donated canned goods that will be used in snow packs for recipients.

1-1-12 January's Weekday Videos of scenes from Friendship Trays and the Demonstration Garden.




12-30-11 Locally grown collards for a traditional New Year's meal.

12-28-11Sherry Williams sounds off about all the mail pleading for donations.

12-22-11 TheCountry Day Card Collection.

12-22-11 Screening worm castings: Here's how to do it.

12-21-11Home Instead Senior Care organizes ingathering of gifts for Friendship Trays recipients.

12-16-11 Team Abbott delivers trays.

12-16-11 Kensington Elementary School students provided holiday placemats for Friendship Trays recipients.

12-14-11 CMAC food drive brings in the canned goods for snow packs.

12-7-11 Happy Holidays 2011: A series of postings on support of your Charlotte-Mecklenburg meals-on-wheels program.

12-1-11 BI-LO Charities donates to Friendship Trays.

12-1-11 December's Weekday Videos of scenes from Friendship Trays and the Demonstration Garden.

11-22-11 Thanksgiving Week schedule.

11-19-11 Volunteers harvest the greens at a plot planted by Renfrow Hardware.

11-18-11 Relocation experts hop in go-karts to raise money for two area nonprofits.

11-18-11 Re-roofing project: A collection of videos from the work on the Distribution Street building.

11-17-11  An update on the Thompson Family Focus garden from Garden Leader Laura Dobson.

11-15-11 A roof inventory of pipes, vents and equipment in preparation for a re-roofing project on Distribution Street.

11-15-11 Independence High students helped bake bread for recipients.

11-14-11 Peak 10 held a fundraiser at the Grapevine in Rock Hill by donating their tips for waiting tables.

11-6-11 Covenant Presbyterian Day of Service brought volunteers to Friendship Trays.

10-31-11 Happy Halloween! from the Nutrition Coalition.

10-26-11 Trinity Presbyterian holds a huge sale Oct. 29. Last year, some of the proceeds went to Friendship Trays.

10-22-11 Service Juris Day in pictures by Gaby Vincent.

10-18-11 Only one solution for our constantly leaky roof; reconstruction begins soon; donations welcome.

10-17-11 Solar panels produce their first electricity.

10-17-11 GiveCamp 2011 involves software developers volunteering to complete task for nonprofits. Some of their work ishere.

10-16-11 Lawyers and their families will help out in the Charlotte Correctional Center Garden on Service Juris Day.

10-16-11 Service Juris Day will bring lawyers and their families into one of the Friendship Gardens.

10-15-11 Friendship Trays had a table at theDilworth Jubilee.

10-7-11 Queens Core Program students were serving in the Friendship Trays kitchen today.

10-6-11 Lark & Key holds an opening reception Friday for its "Table Manners" exhibition. Portion of proceeds benefit Friendship Trays.

10-6-11 The G-Team's fund-raising campaign raised more than $1,000 from Groupon subscribers in four days.

10-4-11 Dilworth donation from its Home Tour will support Friendship Trays operations.

10-3-11 Staff from theCharlotte Checkers and Husqvarna helped out in the kitchen and drove routes.

10-1-11 Scenes from the 2011 Garden Party.

9-27-11 Scenes from Sept. 26-27, 2011.

9-22-11Volunteer drivers fromSaint Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church gathered in memory of Karen Gardner.

9-20-11 The making ofRice Pilaf with Chef Lamont Harrison.

9-18-11 A successful Dilworth Home Tour was celebrated Saturday night in the Demonstration Garden.

9-13-11 Team Wells Fargo helped package meals, then delivered three routes.

9-9-11 A remembrance of Sept. 11, 2001.

9-9-11 Donated flowers were taken off to recipients this week.

9-7-11 A spruce-up day is planned to prepare the Demonstration Garden for the annual Garden Party.

9-2-11 Another update on the solar panel installation on the Friendship Trays roof.

8-28-11 Garden Coordinator Henry Owen figures in a gardening story in the South Charlotte News.

8-26-11 Team Pepsi helped out in the kitchen today.

8-25-11 The Flaming Robo Duckies help out in the garden.

8-25-11 Volunteer Jean Hardy sees a food donation right through to a delicious dessert.

8-20-11 Taking food where it's needed: A report on a Friendship Gardens/Slow Food Charlotte initiative into the food deserts.

8-18-11 A recipient writes about the comfort of knowing that volunteers will be checking on her every weekday.

8-12-11 Volunteer Burton Mackey takes the piano out for a spin occasionally.

8-11-11 Former Friendship Trays employeeJames Wise has died.

8-5-11 Showers were nice, but nicer were the volunteers who unfurled their umbrellas to be sure all were fed.

8-4-11 Drivers who substitute get to see the whole city.

8-3-11 Freedom School children were in the kitchen today.

8-1-11 The July harvest: 3,800 pounds.

8-1-11 Join the Dilworth Home Tour. A portion of ticket sale proceeds will support Friendship Trays.

7-29-11 A bee in the mountains finds a place to graze.

7-26-11 Volunteer drivers are in and out of the sun quickly on their rounds.

7-24-11 An update on the impact of the Billingsville School garden, one of the Friendship Gardens growing food for recipient meals.

7-18-11 Camp Garden to Friendship Table taught young children about good eating, good gardening and a bit of fun.

7-15-11 The humongous harvest from the Charlotte Correctional Center is weighed in at the Friendship Trays kitchen.

7-13-11 Visitors from Iraq visit the garden, help prepare herbs for drying.

7-13-11 Can you offer us a helping hand this summer when other volunteers are on vacation?

7-9-11 Canning classes. Here's how to register.

7-7-11 Charlotte's NadasquawY Guides made cards for Friendship Trays recipients.

7-7-11 Nadine Ford hams up withthe pumpkins in the Friendship Trays kitchen.

7-5-11 The cucumber sees all in the kitchen!

7-1-11 How a donation was handled helps show the way Friendship Trays works.

6-29-11 Ribbon-cutting is held for solar panels and other equipment donated for demonstration project at Friendship Trays.

6-23-11 A colorful visit to the Demonstration Garden.

6-23-11 Garden Coordinator Henry Owen talks about the half-acre under cultivation at the Charlotte Correctional Center.

6-22-11 Marking a milestone in the 2011 harvest, compared to 2010.

6-22-11 Teens from Mecklenburg Community Church help in the Demonstration Garden.

6-20-11 As wired, even a sunny day doesn't kicksolar facility into production for the grid. A short technical explanation.

6-20-11 Detail from a card prepared for a recipient by the young members of Charlotte's Nadasquaw Y Guides.

6-17-11 Electric meter installed: An update on the solar panel installation.

6-16-11 Bread-making with a pro.

6-15-11 Duke Energy volunteers help keep 700 people nutritiously fed.

6-15-11 Update on solar panels and ribbon-cutting for the installation atop Friendship Trays.

6-14-11 Cook's Community Garden featured in Today's Charlotte Woman's magazine.

6-13-11 Harris Y campers pull some weeds and leave their mark on the Demonstration Garden.

6-10-11 The final version of the morning's updates during apower outage.

6-10-11 Beehives are installed in the Demonstration Garden.

6-5-11 Veteran community gardener Don Boekelheide writes about Reedy Creek in Lake Norman News; cache here.

6-2-11 Sign up for Emilio Conciatori'sArtisan Bread Baking Class scheduled for June 16.

6-1-11 An interim harvest report

5-31-11 Margaret and Tom Franklin's day volunteering at Friendship Trays began with a trip down memory lane.

5-30-11 Camp Garden to Friendship Trays is coming up July 18.

5-27-11 Congrats to the students of the CharlotteCommunity School for Girls, who have served all year in the kitchen.

5-25-11 Water pipe repairs are scheduled around Friendship Trays' production.

5-25-11 Knauff Insurance serves.

5-25-11 A "Happy Spring" card awaits delivery to a Friendship Trays recipient.

5-23-11 Friendship Gardens is a growing initiative.

5-20-11 Food scraps that used to land in the Dumpster are now rebuilding the soil at the Charlotte Correctional Center farm.

5-16-11 A great day of golf: The 2011 Driving Away Hunger Golf Tournament.

5-16-11 Follow some broccoli from the Matthews Presbyterian Church garden to recipient trays.

5-12-11 A word to the wise:Eat your veggies.

5-9-11 We go in all directions to serve those who need nutritious meals.

5-6-11 Workshops will cover basics of the summer garden. 

5-6-11 Fifth Third Bank serves in the kitchen.

5-4-11 An AARP video on theDilworth Soup Kitchen.

5-2-11 Help us update ourcontact information.

4-29-11 Bank of America serves in the kitchen.

4-29-11 Mason, age 2, helps deliver meals.

4-29-11 An update on the solar panel installation.

4-28-11 A Sterling School Garden report.

4-28-11 Listen to the Nisbet Oil Community Cares Moment for May that will air on WSOC FM 103.7.

4-27-11 South Charlotte News profiles Thom Duncan and the garden collaborative.

4-23-11 Plants donated from Hot As Possible will go into gardens across the community next week.

4-22-11 Easter baskets went out to recipients this week thanks to two volunteer groups.

4-20-11 The Solar Age about to dawn on Distribution Street.

4-18-11 A greenhouse was donated today to the Demonstration Garden.

4-12-11 Students and adults fromCarmel Christian School help package meals.

4-12-11 Visiting children are introduces to theblast chiller.

3-30-11 Duke Energy packages meals in the kitchen; one in a series of 30-second vignettes about Friendship Trays.

3-29-11 Carmel Christian fifth-graders helped out in the kitchen, then got to visit the stars of the garden.

3-28-11 A Davidson United Methodist team spent their Day of Service sprucing up the grounds at Friendship Trays.

3-24-11 Quinoa Salad is on the Friendship Food Faves menu today. Click for more on this grab-and-go service to South End.

3-24-11 Food Faves participant John Tallent found the entrees and side he wanted, and helped support Friendship Trays.

3-22-11 It was Day One for Friendship Food Faves, a grab-and-go opportunity for supporters of Friendship Trays in South End.

3-19-11 Pictures from the Spring Gardening Workshop at Cooks Community Garden.

3-19-11 Barking Dog Chocolates is featured in an ARRP video airing on PBS.

3-16-11 Knauff Insurance pitches in at Friendship Trays, packaging meals for delivery to homebound and ailing residents.

3-15-11 Ann Elliot is videotaped on her recollections of Friendship Trays' first years.

3-11-11 A note of thanks from a Friendship Trays recipient.

3-9-11 Queens University nursing students tour Friendship Trays, deliver routes.

3-9-11 Need to get out of the house? Drive a delivery route for Friendship Trays and meet some wonderful people.

3-7-11 Trinity Presbyterian volunteers painted the Friendship Kitchen on Feb. 26. Before and after pictures. Ourfirst note.

3-6-11 Spring Gardening Workshop to be held March 19 at Cooks Community Garden.

3-6-11 Register now for upcoming Gardening Workshop.

3-4-11 SouthPark Magazine explores the local gardening movement that is providing fresh produce to Friendship Trays.

3-3-11 Students on CIAA teams playing in Charlotte this week have helped deliver meals.

2-19-11 A volunteer driver explains why she can't quit.

2-10-11 Happy Valentine's Day.

2-7-11 A recipient writes about feeling special.

2-5-11 Sweets and Treats, a Valentines Day fund-raiser for Friendship Trays, is Thursday, Feb. 10 from 5:30-7 p.m.

2-4-11 Queens University of Charlotte students pitch in.

1-27-11 A busy kitchen helps feed the hungry.

1-20-11 Garden coordinators meet.

1-20-11 Small poster frames a much-appreciated message to our volunteer drivers.

1-17-11  MLK Day at Friendship Trays: a day on, not a day off.

1-13-11 Recipient has praise for "all Friendship Trays' fine angels."

1-13-11 Drivers fromUniversal Cab volunteered to get meals through the ice and snow.

1-12-11 The snowstorm that kept drivers off the streets recedes, and meal production is back in full swing.



12-31-10 Friendship Trays Executive DirectorLucy Bush Carter featured in Observer editorial page year-end Thank You feature.

12-30-10 Your gifts at work: A visit withJohn unearthed an entire household in critical need of support.

12-29-10 Our holiday greetings on the gardens pages.

12-28-10 Your gifts at work:Clarice has spent a lifetime serving others. Now it is time to help Clarice.

12-27-10 Recipient gives thanks for the gifts, the food, and "especially the people who bring them."

12-26-10 Your gifts at work:Doris is bedridden and in her 90s. Meal deliveries mean good nutrition, and a daily check on her well-being.

12-24-10 The Charlotte Observer profiles the Friendship Gardens project. Cache.

12-23-10 Home Instead Senior Care helped organize the gift program that is providing holiday remembrances to hundreds of recipients.

12-23-10 Your gifts at work:For Edgar, meals mean the strength to confront his many health challenges.

12-23-10 A note from KS commends "the heroes ... who make Friendship Trays a reality."

12-21-10 Your gifts at work:Meals help Henry as he cares for his beloved Ruth.

12-14-10 M.R. writes about thewarmth and support that Friendship Trays volunteers brought to her parents' lives.

12-13-10 Thanks for all the hands that have helped make Friendship Trays happen throughout the year.

12-12-10 Thank you for your support during this time of great need.

12-12-10 Children from Seigle Avenue Presbyterian Church visited the kitchen.

12-8-10 Today's Charlotte Woman magazine profiles Kitchen Manager Sibyl Durant.

12-3-10 A team from Bank of America shadows Culinary School students, then deilvers five routes for Friendship Trays.

12-3-10 A work team fromPinstripe Inc. helps package meals.

12-1-10 BI-LO Charities donates $8,000 to Friendship Trays from its June 2010 Charity Classic golf tournament.

12-1-10 Our holiday card.

11-29-10 Deliveries begin anew after the Thanksgiving holiday.

11-24-10 Our Thanksgiving greeting and website messages during the Thanksgiving weekend.

11-20-10 The July 2 Charlotte concert by the bandPhish has led to a donation that will feed four people for about a year.

11-18-10 Will Walton completed an Eagle Scout project in the Demonstration Garden. See the slideshow.

11-18-10 Total deliveries of produce to Friendship Trays cross the 1,000 pound milestone.

11-18-10 Gardens mark the first 1,000 pounds harvested.

11-15-10 Gleaners bring turnip greens back to Charlotte.

11-14-10 Covenant Presbyterian volunteers work in the Sterling Garden.

11-14-10 A crew from Covenant Presbyterian Church prepares ground for an herb garden.

11-8-10 Sterling Garden has a harvest.

11-8-10 A harvest at Seigle Avenue Presbyterian Church garden brings carrots and greens to Friendship Trays.

11-7-10 Our paean to Daylight Savings Time.

11-6-10 The Saturday harvest at Matthews Presbyterian Garden.

11-6-10 Evelyn Newman promoted volunteerism during a recent appearance on WCNC's Charlotte Today.

11-4-10 Patty Henderlite writes for Myers Park Baptist Church's newsletter about the Sedgefield Middle School Garden.

11-4-10 Fall greens at Covenant Presbyterian.

10-31-10 Our Halloween greeting.

10-31-10 Gleaners' volunteer hours mean better nutrition for Friendship Trays recipients.

10-30-10 The 2nd annual Farm to Table Dinner was held in Mt Ulla.

10-29-10 The fall garden at Matthews Presbyterian.

10-28-10 New coolers for volunteer drivers are part of an effort to ensure chilled delivery for all Friendship Trays meals.

10-27-10 Students from theCharlotte Community School for Girls send a thank-you for recent volunteering oppportunities.

10-26-10 Lowe's Home Improvement donates a clothes washer.

10-20-10 Fox Charlotte'sJohn Wilson broadcasts live from the Friendship Trays kitchen.

10-13-10 Rich Deming explains the Friendship Gardens strategy at Charlotte's TedX conference.

10-6-10 Help us each grocery day when you shop atBi-Lo.

10-5-10 Trinity Presbyterian plans an X-Treme Community Yard Sale and Halloween Festival Oct. 30 to benefit charities.Click for a flier.

10-4-10 Volunteers were honored with an appreciation dinner under the big tent at Friendship Trays

10-3-10 Click for a video record of the 2010 Friendship Trays Garden Party.

10-2-10 Video from the 2010 Garden Party is here.

10-1-10 Radishes harvested at the Covenant Prebyterian Church Garden were delivered to Friendship Trays.

9-27-10 There's good rain ... and then there's bad rain.

9-27-10 Drivers fromTrinity Presbyterian Church provide for a recipient in a special way.

9-26-10 Slips of paper went out today to remind drivers to dispose of any meals not brought inside by recipients.

9-25-10 Pictures from the Can You Dig It Garden Tour that made its last stop at the Friendship Garden in South End.

9-25-10 A report from Dig In Day at the gardens growing food for Friendship Trays.

9-24-10 Pepsico and the Charlotte Community School for Girls teamed up in the kitchen.

9-23-10 Kindergartners fromTrinity Episcopal School learned about Friendship Trays, helped Chef Ron make treats.

9-22-10 Duke Energy staffers volunteer in the kitchen.

9-22-10 Andria Gaskins, winner of national recipe contests, returns to her volunteer tasks at Friendship Trays after an absence.

9-21-10 A work team from Bank of America helped package meals today.

9-17-10 Students from the CharlotteCommunity School for Girls helped out in the kitchen today.

9-9-10 Tom Bradbury, who helped guide the creation of what became Friendship Trays, has died in Marietta, Ga.

8-27-10 Tour the McAlpine Greenway Garden.

8-18-10 Tour the Frazier Park Garden uptown.

8-16-10 Six area gardens are on the Can You Dig It Community Garden Tour.

8-13-10 Tour the Huntingtowne Farms Community Garden.

8-9-10 St. John's Church members sold their backyard harvest with proceeds supporting Friendship Trays meals.

8-8-10   Teens from the Harris Y made art that will hang in the Friendship Garden.

8-6-10 Volunteers from Ernst & Young and Hands On Charlotte double the garden at Sterling Elementary School.

8-6-10   A team from Duke Energy packaged meals today.

8-1-10 Grateful Growers Farm announces its 4th (Fairly) Annual On-Farm Dinner for Oct. 16.

8-1-10 The August Dirt Diary.

7-30-10 A save-the-date for the 2010 Garden Party, showing scenes from the 2009 party.

7-26-10  Summer Heat, one in a series of 30-second vignettes about Friendship Trays.

7-26-10 A recipient comments on fresh fruit delivered by Friendship Trays.

7-20-10 A note to volunteer drivers about changes designed to keep trays cool during transit.

7-16-10 A recipient comments on the new trays (see June 28 below).

7-14-10 Teens were up early to help in the Friendship Trays kitchen.

7-7-10 Changes at Friendship Trays open opportunities for afternoon volunteering.

7-7-10 During this week's visit, teens withCatholic Heart Workcamp helped tame what will be "Blueberry Hill."

7-3-10 The website sported this bit of aquatecnics for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

7-1-10 The July Dirt DIary.

6-30-10 Acooler way to transport meals: Coolers, insulated bags begin carrying ice packs to keep food cool during transport.

6-29-10 Teens from aCross Mission Group put the piano in the lobby to use during a break.

6-28-10 Newbiodegradable trays replace clamshell boxes used for salads and other parts of the Friendship Trays meal.

6-26-10 Ibti Vincent, on a tour of America's farms and gardens, writes in her blog about her June 17-18 visit at Friendship Trays.

6-24-10 Garden to Table Camp drew a number of children to Friendship Trays for afternoon sessions.

6-21-10 Some of the cut flowers from the funeral for Susan Burgess were distributed to some Friendship Trays recipients.

6-21-10 Ibti Vincent set aside a classroom job to ride a bike across America learning and teaching about food.

6-16-10 Susan Burgess, City Council member and longtime Friendship Trays volunteer, died today. A tribute.

6-14-10  Winstead Attorneys donate fans to keep Friendship Trays recipients cooler.

6-14-10 Serving Your Neighbors: a short video reminder of the work of Friendship Trays.

6-11-10 Recipients comment about their food trays.

6-9-10 A team from Duke Energy serves in the kitchen.

6-4-10 Recipient writes about a special treat from a caring staff member at Friendship Trays.

6-4-10 A Garden Camp for ages 6-13 will be held later this month at Friendship Trays.

6-2-10 Garden Coordinator Henry Owen was featured as "Sustainable Man" in Natural Awakenings magazine.

6-1-10 The June Dirt Diary.

5-31-10 Volunteers are the lifeblood of Friendship Trays. Can you help this summer?

5-22-10 CPCC volunteers deliver plants donated by CPCC's Horticulture Department.

5-22-10 Garden Camp main page.

5-20-10 A celebratory movie marks Slow Food Charlotte's grant to continue a program that helped build the Friendship Garden.

5-19-10 Pepsico team members serve in the kitchen.

5-17-10 A donor's gift will cool Mr. G's apartment this summer.

5-14-10 A team from CPCC volunteered in the kitchen today.

5-14-10 From field to kitchen in about 200 feet: An example of local food production.

5-12-10 The Charlotte Observer prints local-front story on the Friendship Garden. Text cache.

5-7-10 Friendship Trays' 2009 Annual Report is released.  Download the PDF in low-res (1.7 mg) or med-res (16.3 mg) files.

5-5-10 Mother's Day marked.

5-4-10 On this election day, one young volunteer is a reminder that community service doesn't have to be dull.

5-3-10 BioCycle Magazine featured the green collaboration that is behind the Friendship Garden.Download a copy here or view it here.

5-1-10 The May Dirt Diary.

4-30-10 Friday morning in the Friendship Garden.

4-29-10 TIAA-CREF volunteers fanned out to deliver 10 Friendship Trays routes today.

4-27-10 Drew Johnson volunteered at Friendship Trays as part of his mission to volunteer in 48 states within 48 weeks.

4-23-10 Covenant Presbyterian donates fresh vegetables out of its Dilworth garden.

4-20-10 Employees of theMcGuire Nuclear Station donate $3,000 to Friendship Trays.

4-19-10 A group from TIAA-CREF serves in kitchen as part of the company's community service days.

4-13-10 A recipient comments about the quality of Friendship Trays food.

4-12-10 The Charlotte Observer wrote today about the Friendship Garden.

4-12-10 Donations given at a designers booth at the March Home & Garden show help Friendship Trays.

4-12-10 Friendship Trays'spring newsletter is being delivered this week. Click at left to download a copy.

4-9-10 UNCC student Christian Soto volunteered to drive, but first he gathered up some friends to join him.

4-9-10 When a new Firestone store opened, its managers made a $500 donation to Friendship Trays.

4-7-10 Students from S.T.A.R.S. Math & Science Academy visited today.

4-6-10 A piano donated last week is livening up the lobby. Burton Mackey takes a turn at the keys.

4-1-10 The April Dirt Diary.

3-26-10 A workgroup fromPrincipal Financial assisted in the kitchen.

3-24-10 A number of public officials helped Friendship Trays celebrate Mayors For Meals Day.

3-24-10 A few copies of the freeEdible Piedmont Magazine were in the foyer today.

3-22-10 Donated flowers lift spirits along Friendship Trays routes.

3-18-10 Wallace Farm donates a truckload of aged compost to get the Friendship Garden growing.

3-10-10 Customs and Border Protection staffers help out in the kitchen.

3-8-10 A short rescue mission to the site of the just-closed Spring Garden Show yields plants for the Friendship Trays property.

3-7-10 The Observer profilesChris Folk, a school administrator who in retirement has been a stalwart Friendship Trays volunteer..

3-5-10 A former recipient's family offers anote of thanks to all who helped their loved one.

3-4-10 An electric utility crewteamed up with a water utility crew to fix a problem that was imperiling Distribution Street electric service.

3-3-10 Deliveries went ahead despite early-morning slush from Tuesday's light snowfall.

3-2-10 A few snow flurries did not keep volunteer drivers off the road.

3-1-10 The March Dirt Diary.

2-26-10 Students atQueens University of Charlotte do service learning in the Friendship Trays kitchen.

2-24-10 Forecasts of heavy rain didn't deter volunteers from their appointed routes.

2-18-10 Friendship Trays received a100.0 score during today's Health Department visit.

2-12-10 A retrospective of Thursday evening'sSweets & Treats fund-raiser at Friendship Trays.

2-12-10 Our Valentine's Day video card.

2-1-10 The February Dirt Diary.

1-29-10 Teens in the Home School Honor Society pitch in to package meals.

1-16-10 Workshop volunteers inaugurateWorm College, where red wigglers are composting kitchen scraps. Scroll on page to Jan. 16.

1-12-10 FIrefighters not only packaged meals, they send out warnings about carbon monoxide dangers on the day's meals.

1-7-10 Recipients offer some comments about the Friendship Trays service.

1-7-10 Friendship Trays in 30 seconds: a video about the work behind the trays.

1-6-10 Friendship Trays will not deliver on Jan. 18, in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

1-4-10 WCNC reporter Rad Berky follows volunteer driver Meredith Tomascak as she not only delivers food but checks on recipients.

1-2-10 Join us for a vermicomposting workshop on Jan. 23.Download the flier here.                                                               

1-1-10 The January Dirt Diary.




12-31-09 We concluded today theRemember series begun Dec. 2 on the subject: Remember Your Meals-on-Wheels Program This Holiday

12-31-09 We offered cornbread for New Year's celebrations.

12-24-09 Christmas Eve at Friendship Trays.

12-23-09 Collaboration byHome Instead and Dilworth Coffee yield holiday gifts for Friendship Trays recipients.

12-21-09 Chef Peter Reinhart gave the commencement speech at the Community Culinary School graduation.

12-18-09 Conclusive Marketing redirects its holiday gifts budget into a donation to Friendship Trays in honor of its vendors.

12-18-09 Center City Church donates to Friendship Trays.

12-17-09 CoreNet Global donates in support of Friendship Trays.

12-14-09 Down the Street: A collage of one day putting out Friendship Trays.

12-11-09 In the kitchen: A video tribute to volunteers from all sorts of places who came together to prepare meals and meals and more meals.

12-9-09 Watch Talia Saxe's slideshow on her father Allen's philosophy about running the Dilworth Soup Kitchen.

12-7-09 Group brings a global perspective to local volunteer action.

12-1-09 The December Dirt Diary.

11-27-09 Fresh lettuce from the garden. Welcome to Charlotte's mild fall.

11-25-09 Our Thanksgiving thank-you card.

11-24-09 Video report onWCNC explains how three Distribution Street nonprofits cooperate to reduce hunger.

11-23-09 Carolinas HealthCare human resources employees volunteer in the kitchen.

11-19-09 BI-LO Charities distributes donations to area nonprofits during an event held at Friendship Trays.

11-18-09 A note of thanks from the family of two recipients.

11-18-09 Youth from St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church create emergency food supplies for Friendship Trays recipients.

11-16-09 Employees ofDilworth Coffee, which operates a warehouse near Friendship Trays, donates to support building maintenance fund.

11-16-09 Canned goods donated during aHarris YMCA event are donated to Friendship Trays.

11-16-09Creflo Dollar Ministries donates $10,000 to Friendship Trays during a visit to Charlotte.

11-13-09 The sun returned to cast shadows, dry the land and raise the spirits.

11-13-09 Pepsico employees helped out in the kitchen.

11-11-09 A thank you for all the volunteers whobraved the rain to deliver Friendship Trays.

11-08-09 Erik Robinson, 8, proved up to the task of delivering Friendship Trays. You would too.

11-6-09 The Community Culinary School held a Bistro today.Click here for a slideshow of the event.

11-6-08 Eric and Cathy McCall from As Hot As Possible are collecting Thanksgiving fixings.

11-4-09 Encore Catering has a discount offer for Friendship Trays volunteers.

11-3-09 The Demonstration Garden 2009: First-year growth and transformation in text and pictures

11-3-09 Joseph-Beth Booksellers in SouthPark will hold a Book Fair to benefit Friendship Trays on Saturday, Nov. 14.

11-2-09 Meals on Wheels of America provided this public service announcement about WalMart Foundation support of this work.

11-1-09 The November Dirt Diary.

10-30-09 Students fromPiedmont Middle School make cards and re-pot pansies for Friendship Trays recipients.

10-30-09 Staff from the Community Relations Committee helped out in the kitchen.

10-27-09 Throughout October we celebrated our volunteers. The note here changed throughout the month.

10-26-09 Four church choirs will performFauré's Requiem; donation will support Friendship Trays and Loaves and Fishes.

10-23-09 Friendship Trays and Slow Food Charlotte hold aGarden Party.

10-20-09 Volunteers fromSimpson Housing Co. packaged meals and delivered meals today.

10-1-09 Charlotte Magazine profiled Friendship Trays in the media community's Mission Possible series. Story on their website.Refer posted on the main page of this site for a time.

10-1-09 The October Dirt Diary.

9-30-09 In a note, a recipientexpresses thanks and a desire to give back.

9-26-09 James Willamor wrote about garden volunteer Henry Owen in a posting on the Crossroads Charlotte website.

9-25-09 A note in a donation is a reminder of theextraordinary volunteers Friendship Trays is blessed with.

9-24-09 Ron Ahlert was the teaching chef in the Friendship Trays kitchen today as Country Day School students came to visit.

9-23-09 Volunteer substitute drivers likeJimmy Basinger are key to Friendship Trays' operations.

9-18-09 Davidson College studentJacquie Morges reflects on her summer interning in Charlotte this summer.

9-18-09 A recipient says thanks for meals.

9-18-09 Davidson College internJacquie Morges writes about her experience this summer interning at Friendship Trays.

9-15-09 Employees of Wells Fargo pitch in to package meals today.

9-12-09 A September visit to theDaniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont.

9-11-09 Friendship Trays and Slow Food Charlotte invite you to an Oct. 23Garden Party fund-raiser to benefit Friendship Trays, Slow Food Charlotte and the Community Culinary School of Charlotte.

9-11-09 Last day for the Demonstration Garden's summer plantings before reconstruction begins.

9-11-09 Colorful bounty of the summer harvest was going into trays today.

9-4-09 Employees of Carolinas HeathCare help out in the kitchen.

9-3-09 An open can in the kitchen turned pimentos into a broad smile.

9-2-09 The harvest from a garden atCovenant Presbyterian Church will be used in Friendship Trays meals.

9-2-09 Vanguard Group volunteers assisted in the kitchen and drove routes today.

9-1-09 The September Dirt Diary.

8-31-09 The White House releases video via AOL on the Obamavegetable garden.

8-27-09 Volunteers from Vanguard Group prepared meals in the kitchen and drove routes today.

8-20-09 Members of the Charles family, new residents of Mecklenburg, volunteer in the kitchen.

8-20-09 A recipient praises the chicken and thestewed squash.

8-12-09 UNCC psychology majorCassie Duncan brings to Friendship Trays an unusual partnership with Ford Motor Co.

8-6-09 A recipient responds to WCNC about what service from Friendship Trays means to her.

8-5-09 Sunflowers growing in theUrban Ministries garden turn out to be revenue sources.

8-3-09 Friendship Trays posts its 2008IRS 990 tax return on this site.

8-1-09 The August Dirt Diary.

7-30-09 First staff directorAnn Elliot writes about the early years of Friendship Trays.

7-29-09 Middle schoolers fromMecklenburg Community Church served at Friendship Trays as part of MAXlife Mission Week.

7-29-09WCNC broadcasts story about Friendship Trays as part of Mission Possible series, gets a response from a Friendship Trays recipient.

7-29-09 TheCharlotte Observer focuses on Friendship Trays in its Mission Possible series.

7-29-09 Practicallyany means of transportation will do when you come to volunteer at Friendship Trays.

7-28-09 Thefront-page refer to WCNC and Charlotte Observer coverage of Friendship Trays coping in the current economic downturn.

7-28-09 Recipients receive cards made by students at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church Vacation Bible School.

7-24-09 Students fromCamp Mindy, focusing this week on learning about community service, volunteered in the kitchen.

7-23-09Shredded paper from the Friendship Trays office gets recycled in the demonstration garden.

7-20-09 It isvolunteers that make the entire Friendship Trays operation possible.

7-20-09 A volunteer's efforts noticed: Family sends thanks for a repaired doorbell.

7-12-09 Arefer to the Rock Out Hunger Party at Earth Fare.

7-9-09 Earth Fare celebratesRock Out Hunger partnership to benefit Friendship Trays.

7-8-09 Acouple sends along their thanks for meals delivered by Friendship Trays,

7-6-09 A plea for drivers to fill in on routes during July.

7-3-09Linked here are archival photos of the buildings Friendship Trays has occupied, prepared for a grant application.

7-2-09 Adonor comments about Friendship Trays services.

7-1-09 The July Dirt Diary.

6-30-09 Friendship Trays'Fourth of July schedule.

6-29-09 Founding congregationCaldwell Memorial Presbyterian sends along gifts in-kind from their garden.

6-26-09 A work team fromDuke Energy helped out in the kitchen today.

6-26-09 Friendship Trays board memberChris Clackum reports for WCNC on growing market for local vegetables.

6-25-09Country Day students brightened some recipients' day with "Have a Great Summer" cards that volunteers delivered with meals today.

6-24-09 Volunteers fromCarmel Presbyterian and Duke Energy join forces in the kitchen.

6-23-09 Arecipient offers thanks for the meals she receives.

6-22-09 Amission group of youth from Arkansas helped out in the kitchen today.

6-21-09 Our tribute to Fathers onFathers Day.

6-19-09 Two longtime farmer's marketvendors have been honored for collecting food donations for Friendship Trays.

6-18-09 TheWii Generation gathered in the warehouse to play and raise money for Friendship Trays. What we said on thefront.

6-17-09Duke Energy volunteers packaged meals, and bagged canned goods into bags for delivery to recipients. What we said onfront.

6-9-09Kindergartners from Trinity Episcopal School added spalshes of color to the Friendship Trays demonstration garden.

6-8-09 It's all natural, if a bit unruly: Does a grass strip in a parking lot near Friendship Trays have an alternative future?

6-8-09 Guests were in the building today on one of our regularly scheduledBreakfast Tours.

6-8-09 An update on thedemonstration garden.

6-1-09 The June Dirt Diary.

5-28-09 Friendship Trays'Lani Lawrence is taped for upcoming radio show.

 5-28-09Tega Hills Farm donates hydroponic lettuce that will brighten up next Monday's tuna salad.

5-26-09 Vendors from theHot As Possible Hot Pepper Herb Farm collect donations for Friendship Trays at the Matthews Community Farmers' Market.

5-25-09Volunteers are the lifeblood of Friendship Trays. Drivers are needed this summer.

5-20-09 A note about Friendship Trays' interest in cultivatinggarden plots across the city.

5-18-09 A refer tothe day's Breakfast Tour, where those interested can learn how several nonprofits work together to fight hunger.

5-8-09 Friends answer call for donations tohelp Ms. C, a recipient living in a bare apartment after a forced move.

5-5-09 Two employees of a nutrition company rent out the kitchen to prepare foods they say helpcontrol epilepsy in children.

5-4-09 A special thank you to all who supported the day'sDriving Away Hunger Golf Tournament.

5-1-09 TheMay Dirt Diary.

4-29-09 Fifth-graders fromCarmel Christian helped prepare lentils for upcoming deliveries of Friendship Trays.

4-27-09 A refer to the day'sBreakfast Tour.

4-26-09 A visit to the Southside Garden.

4-26-09 ThePest Patrol: Jason Loseke identifies rot, blight, and other perils, from pictures taken in the Demonstration Garden.

4-10-09 Mayors for Meals Day brings out candidates John Lassiter and Anthony Foxx

4-2-09 Help us respond to theFeinstein Foundation's fund-raising challenge.

4-1-09 The Dirt Diary for April.

3-27-09 The latest Friendship Traysnewsletter is available for download.

3-26-09 How a bunch ofstuffed peppers stayed out of the dumpster and fed hundreds of Friendship Trays recipients.

3-20-09 Students fromarea colleges joined Wachovia Wells volunteers in the kitchen.

3-19-09 A Salem Produce donation ofBok Choy yields a vegetable medley for Friendship Trays meals.

3-18-09 It's Mayors For Meals Day.John Lassiter delivered meals on the 18th,Anthony Foxx on the 25th. Click here for more on Mayors for Meals. Andclick here for the YouTube movie.

3-16-09 A grant from theCritical Need Response Fund will help Friendship Trays expand to reach more recipients.

3-11-09 Food purchasing agents fromCompass Group were in the kitchen today.

3-4-09 Executive Director Lucy Bush Carter offers a status report on Friendship Trays in the economic downturn.

3-2-09 There wereno deliveries on Monday after Sunday evening's snowstorm.

2-23-09 Zebra restaurant chef/ownerJim Alexander helps Culinary School students learn what to do with, um, liver.

2-17-09 Staff from theCommunity Relations Committee volunteer in the kitchen.

2-16-09 Overstocks fromTrader Joe's floral collection brighten recipients the Monday after Valentine's.

2-12-09 TheSweets & Treats party brought dozens of people into Friendship Trays for fun, food and parparing Valentines.

2-10-09Students at Trinity Episcopal School prepare snow packs for days when deliveries must be cancelled.

2-9-09 Our thanks to those who donated during the second half of 2008.

2-6-09 An on-air fund-raiser raises donations for the Critical Need Response Fund.

2-24-09 New board members toured the Friendship Trays facility. 

1-28-09 Duke Energy employees helped feed hundreds of people; your group could too.

1-23-09 Hands On Charlotte organized a work day for area high school students in the kitchen.

1-20-09 AnInauguration Day essay from Route 61.

1-15-09 Sweets & Treats is a Feb. 12 fund-raiser for Friendship Trays. Join us!

1-10-09 Shadows on a wall remind of what lies ahead: Spring.

1-5-09 Pictures on this site of thebig wall map showing Friendship Trays routes have been updated.

1-1-09 At dusk we retire theArt Deco masthead placed on the front of the website to mark New Years Day.

1-1-09 After the last ka-BOOM dissipates, we retire the Fireworks masthead marking New Years Eve.



12-30-08 Recipients write to thank everyone for the nutritious meals.

12-29-08 Donation offers a suggestion on how parents canteach the satisfaction of philanthropy to their children.

12-28-08 A bit of industrial skyline offered an opportunity to ask readers to tell Friendship Trays about folks needing a meal.

12-25-08 On Christmas Night, we retirethe Santa hat from our website.

12-24-08 Members of theHavurat Tikvah Jewish congregation assisted in the Kitchen on Christmas Eve.

12-24-08 A holiday card from theChristmas Eve crew at Friendship Trays.

12-23-08 Longtime Friendship Trays volunteerGuilford Oldham has died. [Updated Jan. 11, 2009]

12-23-08 Friendship Trays receivesheat for the holidays.

12-19-08 RBC Wealth Management foregoes a holiday party and turns that money into a donation to support Friendship Trays.

12-14-08 Culinary School grad and Friendship Trays employee Betty Reed is featured in Observer's "The Gift of Giving" series.

12-12-08 Employees fromTarget help out in the kitchen.

12-6-08Charlotte Roller Girls split a double-header, donate $2,000 to Friendship Trays during halftime ceremony.

12-4-08 Charlotte firefighters delivermeals and safety tips to Friendship Trays recipients.

11-27-08 This greeting ran on the front of our website on Thanksgiving Day.

11-22-08 Kitchen Manager Sibyl Durant is taking orders for corn bread for the holidays.

11-15-08 Charlotte falls to Wilmington's Cape Fear Roller Girls at Cricket Arena in a 80-76 cliffhanger.

11-12-08 Book fair and food preparation demonstration at Joseph-Beth Booksellers Nov. 21-22 to benefit Friendship Trays.

11-5-08 Proceeds from the First Presbyterian Church cookbook, "Inspired Cooking," support hunger-fighting agencies like Friendship Trays.

10-28-08 This masthead decorated the site forHalloween.

10-16-08Volunteers were honored for long service at a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Click here for pictures from the dinner.

10-16-08 Read about a Charlotte visit by Hungary's Debrecen-Nagytemplomi Reform Church Choir.

10-11-08 Stock and bond values may rise and fall but there are investments of other kinds made daily at Friendship Trays.

10-10-08 Margaret Morrison's team winsPrudential award for hours donated at Friendship Trays.

10-4-08 The week's economic bailout revives a tax break for donations out of some Individual Retirement Accounts.

10-1-08Duke Energy continues to step up to help in the kitchen.

9-30-08 A short video tribute to Friendship Trays co-founder Ann Elliot on the occasion of her birthday.

9-30-08 Deliveries areback to normal thanks to volunteers stepping up to drive. 

9-29-08 Avideo update on impact of gasoline shortage on Friendship Trays.

9-26-08 An update on impact of gasoline shortage, and link toNews14's TV report on Friday's activity

9-25-08 Thursday recipients receive two meals, Friday deliveries cancelled as Friendship Trays responds togasoline shortage.

9-25-08 Preparations are  underway for this holiday season's Be A Santa To A Senior campaign.

9-17-08 ADuke Energy team packages food in the Friendship Trays kitchen.

9-17-08 Former Friendship Trays Executive Director Tia (McCutcheon) Athens visits South End.

9-15-08 A hurricane-inducedgasoline shortage prompts calls for help from volunteers with gasoline in their vehicles.

9-10-08 We used our website to work around aphone disruption at our South End offices.

9-8-08 Skirt Magazine features Friendship Trays Executive Director Lucy Bush Carter.

9-9-08 About 30 visit ournew distribution site during an open house on the campus of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

9-2-08 Vanguard Group team drives routes.

8-29-08 The Macy's "Shop for a Cause" promotion will help support Friendship Trays. Learn how you can participate.

8-29-08 A joint effort between teams fromDuke Energy and Vanguard Group helped package meals for Friendship Trays.

8-25-08 Food donation fromTrader Joe's puts in the trays today a rare treat – steak.

8-20-08 Fall newsletter is available asPDF download or as separate pages on this website.

8-15-08 Duke Power schedules apole replacement  affecting power at Friendship Trays; meal delivers not affected.

8-11-08 Whenvolunteers are away....

8-6-08 It doesn't matterwhere you work; come on down and volunteer to help your neighbors.

7-30-08 Goodrich Corp. employees deliver Friendship Trays

7-30-08 All ages are welcome to volunteer at Friendship Trays, andBofA Card Services employees brought their children.

7-21-08 Sprint employees donate tons of food for Friendship Trays meals.

7-18-08 Work teams fromBank of America and Wachovia merge to serve in the Friendship Trays kitchen.

7-13-08 Weekend deliveries end, in part to save gasoline. Recipients needing weekend meals will received them Fridays.

7-11-08 Staff members of theCharlotte Bobcats organization help prepare meals in the kitchen.

7-2-08 Determined volunteers, private gifts help Friendship Trays succeed as other meals-on-wheels programs are forced to cut back.

7-1-08 Youth from CatholicHeart Workcamp are at Friendship Trays painting and gardening in active community service.

7-1-08 Routes get rebuilt every day at Friendship Trays as recipients' needs change.

7-1-08 "It doesn't matter what you drive" -- One in a series

6-27-08 Anew volunteer, age 6, learns a route in front of Friendship Trays' route map.

6-25-08 Wachovia internal auditors volunteer in the kitchen.

6-9-08 A new drop site onBeatties Ford Road will save volunteer drivers time and gasoline as they serve north and northwest routes.

6-6-08 Friendship Trays held aFish Fry fund-raiser curbside on Distribution Street.

6-3-08 Friendship Trays' funding differs fromWake County meals-on-wheels program featured in a recent news story.

5-29-08 Kitchen volunteers were preparingchicken parmesan for recipients today.

5-29-08 Students in Class 31 of the Community Culinary School of Charlotte hold their first BISTRO!

5-23-08 Friendship Trays announces it will not deliver meals onMemorial Day.

5-23-08 Duke Energy serves in the kitchen.

5-21-08 From the skies over Friendship Trays, a congratulations to all area graduates this commencement season.

5-18-08 Charlotte Roller Girls win fourth straight bout with lopsided178-30 win against Roanoke's Star City Roller Girls.

5-15-08 Why Golf? is a video remembrance of the Driving Away Hunger Golf Tournament.

5-12-08 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Aging Coalition prepares evacuation supplies for seniors.

5-8-08 Longtime volunteer Linda Kincheloe was working in the kitchen when she received asinging telegram for her birthday.

5-8-08 TIAA-CREF sends volunteers to mark Giving Back for the Greater Good Service Days.

5-7-08 Friendship Trays co-founderAnn Elliot is honored by the Council on Aging.

5-2-08 A food donation fromTrader Joe's brightens a Friday meal for hundreds of Friendship Trays recipients.

4-16-08 "It doesn't matter what you drive" -- One in a series

4-15-08 Conversion to chilled meals is complete: Last hot meals for home delivery are prepared.

4-2-08 Watch a movie and see the list of winners from the 1st Annual Realtor Challenge Bowl-a-thon at Centennial Lanes.

3-31-08 The Wienermobile delivers Friendship Trays.

3-26-08 Mayor Pro TemSusan Burgess and Commissioners ChairJennifer Roberts deliver meals.

3-17-08Prudential Carolinas Realty holds another chili cookoff, and Friendship Trays is the winner.

3-7-09 CharlotteRoller Girls deliver meals for Friendship Trays.

3-3-08 Finance Enterprise Associates fromWachovia volunteer in the Friendship Trays kitchen.

3-2-08 CharlotteRoller Girls will meet the New River Valley Roller Girls March 16 at Cricket Arena.

3-1-08 All are welcome to register for the First Annual Realtor Challenge Bowl-a-thon, set for April 2 at 5 p.m. on South Boulevard.

2-27-08 Help Friendship Traysgo green: The black trays now in use are recyclable.

2-27-08 Alan Feinstein will give $1 million to hunger-fighting agencies. Our donors will decide how much gets to Friendship Trays.

1-31-08 It's aBistro!

1-29-08 Employees ofLarsonAllen's Charlotte office support Friendship Trays by paying to dress down in jeans.

1-29-08 Short,silent video of clips from trackside at Charlotte Roller Girls bout posted at YouTube.

1-27-08 Charlotte Roller Girls stage first roller derby in Charlotte since the1970s. Portion of proceeds to support Friendship Trays.

1-17-08 Find a niche and take action, Executive Director Lucy Bush urges folks wanting to fight homelessness, poverty or hunger.

1-8-08 Joseph-Beth Booksellers to stageBook Fair Sunday, Jan. 13. Portion of proceeds go to Friendship Trays.



12-24-07 The usualmagic at Friendship Trays this holiday deliver day -- and then some. Pictures from the morning.

12-13-07 Charlotte artist and Friendship Trays recipient Wallace Ervin has a painting on display in the Friendship Trays lobby.

12-10-07Joseph-Beth Booksellers plans a Book Fair Jan. 13, 2008 to benefit Friendship Trays.

12-6-07 Members ofTeam BofA ladled beans and okra. Your group can also help out during the holidays.

12-4-07 Some of thetrees auctioned at the Festival of Trees are donated to Friendship Trays recipieints.

11-13-07 Training  begins with staff who will use the computer-controlled "blast chiller."

 11-7-07 Crane returns to pluck compressor from roof: An update on cool meals conversion.

11-1-07 Community Culinary School of Charlotte hosts another scrumptiousBistro!

10-30-07 Fed Ex drivers deliver on seven routes.

10-29-07 An update on preparations forcool meals conversion.

10-22-07 First Presbyterian publishes "Inspired Cooking" cookbook. Proceeds benefit organizations feeding the hungry.

10-19-07 Elevation Church members and Pastor Steven Furtick serve in kitchen, commit to $25,000 donation.

10-11-07 Friendship Trays celebrates itsvolunteers at appreciation dinner.

9-17-07 Fight hunger: Lace up your shoes and join the CROP Walk on Sunday, Oct. 14.

9-14-07 Moreequipment arrives for cool-meals conversion.

9-14-07 Drought-starved tomatoes from theSardis Presbyterian garden are right-sized for Friendship Trays meal boxes.

9-6-07 Some members ofTeam Vanguard helped in the kitchen, while others paired up to drive 10 routes.

8-31-07 Panthers mascot Sir Purr is a hit with recipients as he helps Cameron McCutcheon deliver a route..

8-30-07 Friendship Trays named September "Friend of Earth Fare." Events and support opportunities planned at SouthPark store.

8-16-07 Becky and Gary Workman often have agrandchild helping as they deliver a Friendship Trays route.

8-15-07 Conversion tocool meals announced.

8-15-07 Summer intern organizes food drive forCarrier Corp. employees.

8-8-07 Volunteer driver racks up points for Charlotte Chamber'sAmazing Race challenge.

8-2-07 Sprint employees donate more than five tons of food during annual Feed the Need campaign.

7-20-07 The Substitute: Jere Witherspoon explains his preference to be a driver on call.

7-26-07 Members of Team Wachovia served up trays in the kitchen.

7-24-07 Longtime Friendship Trays volunteer extraordinaireBob Williams was back for a visit.

7-18-07 Teen pitcherAlex Perullo is raising money for Friendship Trays every time he goes to the mound.

7-13-07 Lots of hands pitched in tobag lunches for 600 Freedom Schools students.

7-11-07 Team BMW prepared meals, then drove a route. How four volunteers made a difference, and how you can do the same.

7-6-07 How donatedzucchini and yellow squash landed in Friendship Trays meals. A tale of farmers and nonprofits working together.

7-3-07 Ten win in anotherdrawing for gasoline cards to help volunteers with a cost they bear delivering Friendship Trays.

7-2-07 Youth from Catholic HeartWorkcamp helped out in the kitchen, then took to sprucing up the parking lot.

6-29-07 Friendship Trays receives $500 check, a successful conclusion toAlan Feinstein's $1 million giveaway challenge.

6-21-07 A child holds aviolin in her hands in the foyer of Friendship Trays.

6-19-07 Fifth-graders from Carmel Presbyterian Vacation Bible School help out in Breadland, then deliver meals.

6-16-07  The Mecklenburg Medical Alliance and Endowment honors Ann Elliot for work promoting health in Charlotte.

6-14-07 Friendship Trays intern and violinist Mejin Leechor entertained visitors during the Culinary School's Bistro.

6-11-07 Washington-based advocacy group honors Friendship Trays co-founder Ann Elliot as a "community champion."

6-4-07 Poverty simulation is a learning exercise for nonprofit agency board members about the impact of "helping" programs.

6-4-07 Charlotte artistCarla Leaf captured Friendship Trays' history and mission in a drawing.

6-1-07 Charlotte Observer report says Charlotte-area large nonprofits chalked up the lowest average overhead costs in a 30-city study by nonprofit watchdog Charity Navigator. The Observer said Friendship Trays'Lucy Bush Carter was listed as having the lowest CEO salary among the 29 Charlotte-area nonprofits in the Charity Navigator study.

5-14-07 More than 90 golfers took to the fairways in the 13th AnnualDriving Away Hunger Golf Tournament.

5-11-07 Nineteen Friendship Trays volunteers star in amovie thanking donors for their support.

5-4-07 Actor Richard Gere appears in tributes to his father Homer's 18 years of service delivering meals to his neighbors in Syracuse, N.Y.

5-2-07 Produce from The Bradford Store east of Huntersville is making its way into Friendship Trays meals.

4-27-07 Here's amap and directions to help you find us in South End.

4-26-07 Link yourFood Lion MVP card to Friendship Trays and donate every time you buy groceries.

4-16-07 Friendship Trays yanked yesterday's technology out of storage to get meals out after a windstorm cut all electricity.

4-13-07 Photos from theSouth End Fish Fry. Proceeds went to support Friendship Trays.

4-7-07 The Elliot Corps gets A's for its E's and L's. How one one group of women pitches in at Friendship Trays.

4-4-07 Make a bid for theTraveling Chair.

4-1-07 Panthers officialDonnie Shell talks about what he gets from driving a route.

3-26-07 Sardis Presbyterian volunteers have been delivering for over a quarter century.

3-23-07 Volunteers fromCompass Group took over in the kitchen.

3-19-07 Post all the details in your office about the April 13 Fish Fry.

3-14-07 Your donation by April 30 counts toward Alan Feinstein's $1 million challenge.

3-8-07 The 13th Annual Driving Away Hunger Golf Tournament announced for May 14.

2-14-07 Five volunteers win $25 gas cards to help pay fuel costs in drawing prompted by an anonymous donor's gift.

2-8-07 Community Culinary School students show off their skills at Bistro.

2-2-07Prudential Carolinas Realty donates proceeds from 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off.

1-29-07 Anonymous donor's gift spawns adrawing open to Friendship Trays volunteers to help with their gasoline costs.



11-27-06 Schneider Corp. donation marks its opening of a new facility.

9-29-06 Prudential Carolinas Realty agents collecting canned goods for Friendship Trays snow days.

5-26-06 Longtimevolunteers honored at Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

1-13-06 Prudential Carolinas Realty agents begin donating $10 from every home-closing.




5-5-05 Earth Fare designates Friendship Trays its June charity of the month.

1-1-05 Friendship Trays' Sibyl Durant is featured in the Charlotte edition of Skirt! Magazine.




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Delivering, in a caring and friendly manner, balanced meals to individuals in this community
who are unable, because of age or infirmity, to obtain and prepare their own meal