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Friendship Trays newsletter archive


Fall 2013   download medium resolution  (1.2 mg) file

A colorful note on behalf of recipients, and a message from Executive Director Lucy Bush Carter. 

Spring 2013   download medium resolution  (7.3 mg) file

An appeal to remember mothers, who pay it forward for many years and, as they face health issues, need our assistance.

A look at Friendship Gardens, and the organizations that have helped create the necklace of gardens throughout Charlotte-Mecklenburg that are growing vegetables for recipient meals.

A newsletter full of pictures from the fall, winter and spring noting some of the imaginative ways in which people and organizations have found to help support this mission. 

Fall 2012   download medium resolution (5.4mg) file

Legacy projects planted by September's Democratic National Convention leave behind support for the growing Friendship Gardens initiative, along with a produce sales truck serving commuters at the Transit Center.

Six years of data on Friendship Trays raises the possibility that men might actually be taking better care of themselves, living longer, eating better.

"Why should I volunteer?" a snapshot of what motivates the hundreds of people who make Friendship Trays possible.

Throughout the newsletter, profiles of recipients, the limitations they struggle against, and how your support of Friendship Trays helps ensure their access to nutritionally balanced meals.


Spring 2012   download  medium resolution (4.6mg) file

SEED20 and its $10,000 prize money that will go to support the Friendship Gardens initiative: A !&A with Garden Coordinator Henry Owen.

More information on the May 21 Driving Away Hunger Golf Tournament, and the June "Garden To Table Camp."

A note from Executive Director Lucy Bush Carter on the pursuit of efficiencies, the cutting of costs, and the need for your financial support.

Throughout the newsletter, volunteer drivers write about recipients they've gotten to know. And there are short introductions to the people who have asked for help with their meals.


Fall 2011   download low resolution (2mg) or high-res (19 mg) file

Partnership with Dilworth Community Development Association promises to raise funds to serve are's residents who can no longer prepare meals for themselves.

Features recall July summer camp for children, the move-in of bees into the Demonstration Garden, and a new series of cooking-related classes for adults.

A story describes what a Friendship Trays recipient might be dealing with after a stroke.

Throughout the newsletter, people use their own words to complete the sentence, "I volunteer because..."


Spring 2011   download low-resolution (422 kb) or medium-res (852 kb) or high-res (17.1 mg) file

Volunteers going the extra mile helped Friendship Trays continue its mission right through a community-wide windstorm power outage.

A recent day when everything seemed to be breaking down is a reminder of the lowly but sometimes very expensive equipment that it takes to keep Friendship Trays serving hundreds of meals a day.

This year's Driving Away Hunger Golf Tournament is May 16 at The Golf Club at Ballantyne. This is the largest single fund-raising event for Friendship Trays each year. Download the newsletter or get your registration information here on this website.

Fall 2010   download low-resolution file (1.2 mg), or medium-resolution (6.2 mg) file

Your are cordially invited to the Oct. 2 $50-per-person Friendship Trays Garden Party fund-raiser, and the annual free Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Oct. 4.

Being cool ain't cheap: An update on the additional costs to keep Friendship Trays chilled during transit this hot summer.

Laura and Bruce Parker were a team in the 1990s when they famously announced that they would give millions away. They're still a team, and still involved in supporting Friendship Trays' mission.

Spring 2010   download low-resolution file (0.2 mg), medium (2.1 mg) or high-resolution (18.7 mg)

Testing has been under way to find a cost-effective way to wrap all meals in cool during transit to recipients. The goal is to ensure that there is no spoilage during the upcoming summer months..

A year in the garden: A Q&A with Garden Coordinator Henry Owen on the raised-bed garden plainted behind a warehouse near Friendship Trays. The project is a learning and teaching laboratory in support of urban gardening and better nutrition for Friendship Trays recipients and others.

Other features on the replacement of a dishwasher, upcoming cooking classes, the May 3 Driving Away Hunger Golf Tournament, and a way for you to get matching money for your donation to Friendship Trays.

Fall 2009   download low-resolution file (1.6 mg) or high-resolution (51 mg)

Partnership with food vendor and farmers preparing harvests for market will  put the well-equipped Friendship Trays kitchen to more use and provide fee income that will help maintain the equipment.

Three groups that have been collaborating on a new demonstration garden near Friendship Trays are gearing up for an October fund-raiser to support garden expansion and Friendship Trays maintenance costs.

Volunteer driver Sam Alston sets his own schedule. He talks about the personal satisfaction he reaps from service through Friendship Trays.

Spring 2009 download

-- Donor support allows Friendship Trays to serve a local population amid a severe economic downturn.

-- A grant from the Critical Need Fund will allow Friendship Trays to open new routes on the edge of Mecklenburg County to reach more people who cannot make nutritious meals for themselves.

Fall 2008 Download or view on web pages

Wait times have been reduced near existing routes, but some prospective recipients on the edge of the county cannot be served until volunteer drivers become available.

Vignettes describe some of our recipients and why volunteers keep making it possible for this mission to succeed.

Spring 2008 Download

Chillled meals at halfway point in conversion.

Going "green" -- one black tray at a time.

Your donation before April 30 will help a philanthropist support us.

Group home residents are delivering meals, serving their neighbors.

Fall 2007 Download

Update on conversion from "hot" to "cool" meals and equipment installation.

"Social enterprise" at Friendship Trays: Seeking ways to sustain the mission.

Lu Daumer continues, at age 99, to deliver meals to those in need.

August 2007 download medium-resolution file (13.3 mg) or high-res file (25.9 mg)

Conversion to higher-quality, tastier meals begins with installation of a "blast-chiller."

Q&A on how the conversion will affect recipients, volunteers.

July 2007 Download

Recipients sound off on menu, service issues.

Frances Jackson has recruited a dozen or so drivers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center.

How a truckload of zucchini and yellow squash made its way from Union County into recipients' meals.

May 2007 Download

The Bradford Store's fresh-from-the-farm-outside produce is being served to recipients

Volunteers are the stars in a May fund-raising appeal

The morning the lights went out ... the A Team ... moving day for a recipient ... and more.

April 2007 Download

Panthers official drives a route, finds it a way to be "getting involved and helping" those in need

UNCC intern says Friendship Trays' culture of "making sure someone else is OK" reminds her of home

The delivery of a 62-pound box marks the beginning of preparations for Festival of Trees 2007

Spring 2007 Download

Workplace teams of volunteers play key role in the kitchen and on the road

Golf tournament benefit is May 14; Festival of Trees on Dec. 1 to support Friendship Trays

From chilled food to additional pickup sites, we're examining ways to improve service

Recipient notes, a philanthropist's challenge, and a drawing to help volunteers pay for gas

Summer-Fall 2006 Download

Lucy's appeal to area congregations to be part of "this transforming work"

Myers Park Methodist's James Howell on feeding the hungry as part of Christian life

Rabbi James Bennett on his reaction to driving a route

Debbie White finds "sense of worth" unlike any other volunteer work from driving a Friendship trays route. A minute-by-minute account of a morning on Route 23.

Spring 2006 Download

Lucy on Friendship Trays growth, change and a huge unmet need

Deadline looms for May golf fund-raiser

2005 Community Service Award

Summer 2005 Download

Lucy asks, Where has the summer gone?

"Friend of Earth Fare" charity coming up

Golf tournament

Spring 2005 Download

Board announces promotion of Lucy Bush Carter to Executive Director of Friendship Traysl

Letter from board president